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  • Kleenite

    Kleenite® is 3X More Powerful than Tablets and it is 1/3 the cost per cleaning vs tablets promoted for cleaning retainers. It is a fast, safe and effective retainer cleaner. Kleenite® retainer cleaner is safe for all types of orthodontic retainers including clear Essix® retainers and clear aligners.
  • Tooth Colored Wax

    Creates the appearance of teeth inside aligners with areas of missing teeth/tooth. Easy to apply and remove when needed. If the pontic wax wears down during treatment it can easily be replaced by the patient in between appointments.
  • ComfortBrace

    Introducing the revolutionary product for maximum comfort for orthodontic braces, ComfortBrace. The clear adhesive strip, with 24-hour protection, provides full coverage against painful irritation. Provides only trusted safe ingredients that do not contain bleach or peroxide...
  • Ortho Care Kit

    The Ortho Care Home Hygiene Kit gives the orthodontic patient all the tools to properly maintain their appliances. The handy. durable, room and breathable mesh pouch keeps everything in one place for the patient on the go and there is additional room for other items such as face bows and mouth guards.